Music, Dancing, and the placation of an animal.

Every so often I like to call up one of my dancing-buddies (more often than not JenXP) and shake my knees at NocNoc and on red-letter month The Merc. I am one of those people that goes to a dance club to dance and not necessarily to socialize. This has frustrated some of my friends, but I try to make this fact abundantly clear that when I say I want to go 'Dancing' I do not mean go to a club and ogle girls, get drunk, try to talk over loud music, or any other of the mysterious reasons other people have for going clubbing. I'm not saying these other reasons are wrong, just not right for me.

I do not really know how to dance in any traditional way, I pretty much just move my body to the music, in the typical club-style of dancing. I have taken a couple of classes in different types of dance, but have yet to find a dance I dig enough to force myself into the constraints of pre-determined set of steps. While fun to learn, I don't have the drive some people do when it comes to traditional dancing.

The type of music I like dancing to is not restricted to the usual EBM, Industrial, FuturePop, NeoFolk, electo-industrial, etc. I dig Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Vocal Trance, Tribal-House, etc. As well as an assortment of popular, Folk, traditional, classical, and other music genres. I think most people aren't limited to liking certain types of music, if it's good music most people will like it. Of course it's all subjective, so may be i'm just less passionate than some people are about certain musical genres.

Cosplay, a playful costume.

When I started working for Display & Costume I thought I was a costume guy, my costumes during halloween always seemed to be pretty good, not A-list but good. Then I was introduced to the cosplay scene and I was impressed by some of the ingenuity and even more so by the passion these people have for their costumes and the characters they represented. Certainly there is an amount of adolescent behaviour, but there are some genuinly intaresting people at cons. I have only gone to one anime-con, SakuraCon but being a staff photographer has me going to a pannel every hour and covering main events from my own angle. Contrasting my two different status' at con made me realize just how much is going on. Some pannels I thought would be ho-hum turned out to engage me fully, while others popular pannels turned out to be not my thing.

Gaming, my gamer status revoked by the acquisition of a life.

My record for continous gaming is 8 straight hours of Quake, no breaks, no sanity. I abused the T1 line I had at my colledge dorm like you wouldn't believe. But for all the fooling around, and questionable downloading I did, I was exposed to the possibilities of a connected world. It led me, in a roundabout way, to my career path. I still play games but I fall on the casual side of the deviding line, and playing games with my friends in the room is somthing I can't replicate with strangers online. (which is why, if starcraft II doens't network, I may only play through the storyarch, no bonus packs, no battlenet subscriptions.