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Ifratastic Red

In preperation for being a staff photog (minon class) for SakuraCon 2008, I purchased a Panasonic Blah-blah FZ50 camera. It was the cheapest nifty camera I could find. It's turned out to be pretty handy, especially when coupled with an infra-red filter. It was broken in with a trial-by fire over SakuraCon weekend and it held up. I'm sure my pictures were a little iffy partly because I was getting used to the camera, but partly because I'm a marginal photographer by any measure any-way. It was a lot of work but really fun. I attended pannels and events I might have skipped if I was just a guest, and I believe I had more fun because of it.


My art has been all across the board and still is to some extent. I love different mediums and forms, and my hap-hazard style reflects my AADD (Art Attention Deficit Disorder). Up till recently I was not focused enough with what I wanted from my art, I mainly chalk this up to the fact I enjoy learning how to use different materials as much as I like making stuff. I think I have found a direction that I can channel my love of new materials and my exploration of my culture (itself a substantial part of my life). Learning to work with traditional materials has a lot to do with my focus gelling at this time. (Re)Learning to work with traditional weaving materials from my mother has been a tremendous learning experience. This broadens in to a wider 'tinkering' compulsion in the rest of my life with the benifit of being a 'handyman'. With an analytical eye, a lot of seemingly complicated things are actually pretty self explanitary when you follow the function of the form. (e.g. this chain pulls this pulg that flushes the toilet and fills up to this bladder that turns it off.) Whether it's a gravity feed water system that feeds a fogger in an installation piece, or using vaccume pressure to form heated plastic, my work is always incorporating somthing new. The drawback is that my 'style' is pretty haphazard and is taking longer to mature than if I setteled on a single way to do things. So I guess it's a good thing I don't make art for anyone else but me. :)

Nerf Redux

I love repainting nerf, but I don't neccisarily enjoy nerf fights. I just love taking some of the cool looking nerf guns and making them just a bit more cool. It started out with the nerf maverick (still my favourite, although the recon is pretty rad) and the longshot was a fun project. Most of the projects have been pretty simple repaints, and slight internal optimizations (remove suppressors, full mag eject). I haven't yet hooked up my own internal lasers but the triggering is all there in a couple of the models, just some slight saudering and a pen laser. I thought about laying some el-wire/sheet, but I don't know if i'm really that hard core... yet.